Finding Affinities – At the Nexus of Art and Science – April 28 – May 4, 2019 – Art Museum Moritzburg – Halle, Germany

Herzliche Einladung zu “FINDING AFFINITIES – AT THE NEXUS OF ART AND SCIENCE” am Sonntag den 28. April 2019, ab 12 Uhr, im Nationalen Akademie der Wissenschaften Leopoldina -Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) You are cordially invited to the opening of “FINDING AFFINITIES – AT THE NEXUS OF ART AND SCIENCE”, Sunday April 28, 2019, beginning […]

Cyland Audio Archive and Sergey Kostyrko

Congratulations to ArtSci Nexus member Sergey Kostyrko, whose experiments on data sonification of neuron cells activity have been published by Cyland Audio Archive. Special thanks to Sergey Komarov for making this possible, Dr. Paul Roach for sharing the data, Dr. Sasha Kagansky and Mark Matthes for fruitful discussions, as well as Global Young Academy for […]

20 March, 2019 6pm – The Aestheticization of the Anthropocene – A discussion about terminology, periodization and imagery

For English, please scroll down/ Rupert maloniai kviečia į menininkės bei kuratorės Candace Goodrich viešą paskaitą „Antropoceno estetizacija”, kuri vyks kovo 20 d., 18 val. Rupert (Vaidilutės g. 79). Renginys yra 7-osios Rupert alternatyvios edukacijos programos dalis ir vyks anglų kalba. Įėjimas į paskaitą yra atviras ir nemokamas. Antropoceno tema, nepaisant jos aktualumo, patraukė tik […]

ArtSci Nexus at the AGM 2019 – Global Young Academy

AGM 2019: International Conference and Anniversary Annual General Meeting of the Global Young Academy ArtSci Nexus is proud to be presenting Nexus teams at the AGM 2019: International Conference and Anniversary Annual General Meeting of the Global Young Academy. Arrhythmia, Neural Module, Bacteriality, and the Well-Tempered Brain, alongside guest project Dolphinet and guest sound artist Miriam Akkermann […]

December 12, 2017 – Wolfgang Ganter and Dr. John LaCava at Rockefeller University – artist talk and exhibition

Wolfgang Ganter – Artist Talk: Tuesday, December 12, 1-2pm in Weiss 301 Bacteriality: Fusing Art and Science Opening: 2-6 pm in the Mock-up Lab, top floor of Weiss On view until December 13 Artist Wolfgang Ganter uses microbes as instruments to render pictorial artwork. This unique interplay leads to spontaneous interactions between the organisms and […]

Artist Wolfgang Ganter, biochemists Dr. John LaCava and Dr. Dmitry Alexeev at the School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology – Summer 2017

The School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology is based on a belief that many students of high school age are ready to participate, intellectually and through work in the laboratory, in real scientific experiments. They believe that the experience of working in a real research environment is helpful in deciding whether science and research is […]


THE WELL TEMPERED BRAIN An audio-visual Installation with live concert Chamberlab MARK MATTHES & ANTON KOCH (installation & composition) in collaboration with: SERGEY KOSTYRKO (St. Petersburg – modular synthesizer) ALEXANDER TRATTLER (light / mapping) ALEXANDER KAGANSKY (molecular biology – University of Edinburgh,UK) PAUL ROACH (bioengineer – Loughborough University, UK) RUTH MAY (violin) ANDREW KRELL (double […]

May 18, 2017 ArtSci Nexus Artistic Director Candace Goodrich to lecture at Svarta Havet -Konstfack

Konstnären och curatorn Candace Goodrich kommer i sin föreläsning att presentera den oberoende öppna plattformen ARTSCI NEXUS som främjar nyfikenhet mellan humaniora, konst och vetenskap som tvärvetenskapliga, processorienterade beröringsytor för gemensamt skapande av estetik. ARTSCI NEXUS presenterar nya former av kreativ forskning och dataanalys för yrkesutövare och allmänheten. Förutom en översikt över nätverkets uppdrag och […]

May 11, 2017 John LaCava Phd – Art and Science Symposium in NYC

Searching for answers in biology is still very much an empirical process. Life emerges from a complex dynamical network of molecular interactions; but we lack excellent theories for how, when, or why a given collection of molecules find each other in the cellular soup, ultimately effecting the underlying processes of biology and, taken together, facilitating […]

October 1, 2016 Gustav Hellberg to lecture at RAT Seoul

The RAT school of ART (RAT) is a self directed study program for passionate artists, who are able to set their own goals and work independently. The RAT school of ART offers a personalized learning program that should enable the members to gain autonomy and emancipate themselves. RAT nurtures self-learning and self-organization within an inspiring […]