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In addition to photography the main presentation of Ulf Lundin is the video 5–9 that will be shown as a large format projection in the central hall of the Kunst Kraft Werk. In the video we follow the everyday activities in a office building in the Stockholm area. It is shot in secret from a distance during dark hours. Lundin has gathered material for several weeks and it has later been edited digitally so that the result is a 27 minutes long continuous dolly shot. Things that happen simultaneously in the video could actually be moments of entirely separate occasions with months apart. The result is a condensed reality where time and space has been manipulated. Lundin is not particularly interested in the office workers that are portrayed in 5–9, they rather represent all of us and our gaze is turned towards ourselves. How do we choose to live our lives?

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Obstruction is made out of standard automatic road barriers. The barriers are connected to a central control unit, which randomly regulates the opening and closing of the barrier arms. Thus the barrier’s opening and closing pattern is in constant change, leading to a constant variation of area access. Sometimes adjacent barriers will open simultaneously, allowing easy walk-through access. At other times the opening of barriers create a slow, complicated, or no walk-through situation.

Obstruction is a project that narrates situations of physical and psychological impediments that we meet on our way through life. It creates a direct physical interaction with a participant and leaves the viewer with a continuously changing image. Primarily, in its immediate and obvious perception, the artwork deals with different levels of demarcation, as it investigates people’s habits of dividing and defining different areas, where blocking or allowing another’s access is a demonstration of power. At the same time the artwork’s unpredictable technical structure creates a metaphorical setting referencing personal and existential development. Different and unforeseeable altering situations are constantly inflicting on our lives.

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