Let’s Get Physical: Spatial Confrontations and Narrative Collisions

Curator – Mika Hannula (FIN)
Art Director – Candace Goodrich (US)

BERLIN — Birgir Birgisson (ISL), Tatjana Doll (DE), Adam Saks (DK), Marcus Eek (SWE), Olli Piippo (FIN), Anna Retulainen (FIN), Janne Räisänen (FIN)
LEIPZIG — Kristina Schuldt (DE), Franziska Holstein (DE), Robert Seidel (DE), Katrin Heichel (DE)

29.04-29.05 APRIL/MAY 2016

As the first painting exhibition at the KKW, Let’s Get Physical (titled after the slow, sensual and obscurely beautiful, white label bossa nova version of the song) is a group exhibition bringing together Berlin-based Nordic and Leipzig-based painters. Hannula states, “This is painting as a pleasure principle. Not as a mess, not as a circus, but as a give and take, shout and shine kind of an enterprise. There will be push, but there will be also the counter-part, the pull. This takes seriously the potentiality, the promise of a painterly gesture in all of its sensuality and sensibility – produced and presented in plural ways and polyphonic rhythms.”

Sponsored by: Danish Art Foundation, Frame Finland, Botschaft von Finnland Berlin, Botschaft von Island Berlin, Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna (SÍM), Icelandic Art Center

Graphic Design by David Voss
Photos by dotgain

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