Restructuring the axis – Temporal and spatial investigations Three Perspectives

Artists – David A. Rios (NO), Takahiro Ueda (JP), Kovács /O’Doherty (HU/IE)

Increments Kovács /O’Doherty – Performance April 2 (SA) April 3 (SO) 1-6pm

Art Director – Candace Goodrich

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http://davidarios.no http://www.takahiro-ueda.com http://www.kovacsodoherty.com

From three positions, the installation, objects, and performative works of David A. Rios (NO), Takahiro Ueda (JP), and Kovács/O’Doherty (HU/IE), each play with the paradigm of time and space as metaphors for how we deal with systemic failure, transformation and evolution, and our individual life standards and pacing.  Through layering, rhythm, pattern and repetition, experimenting with natural frequencies and imperceptibility, these 4 artists redefine and challenge our understanding of the linear and the axis.

Increments is a durational installation by Kovács/O’Doherty – a piece which exists at the intersections of sound art, installation, and performance.

Increments has a precise, delicate structure: over the course of five hours, in a series of repeating actions, two performers record and play back sound on two drums. The performers switch between adding sound and listening, alternately active and contemplative. Over time, layered recordings are formed of both the drums and their acoustic reflections in the room.

The piece invites attendees to experience a transition from sparse, clear sounds into a dense soundfield of rhythm and feedback tones, and to immerse themselves in enveloping sound. The piece develops constantly over the course of five hours, and attendees are welcome to come and go as they please – or to stay and sink in to the experience.

Sponsored by:  Norwegian Embassy, Art Council Norway, Zacher Component, ASW, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin Balassi Institut

photos by arnar sigurbjörnsson. graphic design by david voss. 

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