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Concept Designer and Organizer in collaboration with Scientist Dr. John LaCava

ART/SCI NEXUS is an independent platform that enables curiosity within and between the humanities, arts, and sciences, introducing professionals and the public to new creative modes of thinking. As these disciplines are epistemologically diverse, the transgression of their borders and expansion of their frontiers could allow for new forms of scientific research and artistic practice to develop.

ART/SCI NEXUS invites international artists and scientists to become members of a growing community and network, whose common ground is their curiosity in interdisciplinary exchange. Membership is on a voluntary basis and members can choose which level of commitment they are to offer, which is not fixed and can change over time, or on a project-to-project basis. Whether an exhibition host, a workshop host, a project leader, or a participating artist or scientist, ART/SCI NEXUS allows for one’s role to fluctuate, so that members are able to experience different aspects of the collaborative process.

During mobile workshops, artists and scientists gather and educate one another about their respective practice and research, through artist talks, demonstrations, and scientific lectures, followed by open forum discussions. The public is invited to attend and participate in the discourse. This active debate leads to brainstorming new conceptual designs for interdisciplinary, collaborative works, which can result in new research and experiments, the creation of objects, happenings, performance, and even new modes of representation and interactivity. Once several concepts are established and agreed upon the artists and scientists will pair into symmetrical teams, like matter and force joining, and together bring the new works to life. This may require independent exchange, institutional partnership, and/or the introduction of additional experts and practitioners. This frame encourages an equal contribution from each field in the creative process, while additionally educating its members and public in regards to contemporary culture and science. The workshops can happen anywhere, and is constituted by a minimum number of participants of at least 2 artists and 2 scientists. Final exhibitions may take place in a variety of different kinds of venues, however scientific museums, contemporary art spaces, and universities are preferred. Documentation and archiving of the artistic and scientific process is essential and should appear on the ART/SCI NEXUS website. Online workshops are also an option. The theme of each workshop will change annually. Each workshop and exhibition is funded through the hosting body.

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