“Whence do you know the happiness of fish?”
Taiwanese Artist TING TONG CHANG

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“Whence do you know the happiness of fish?” is a durational performance (February 12 – 26) by Taiwanese artist Ting Tong Chang. With the assistance of German biologist, Prof. Andreas von Bresinsky, the Kunstkraftwerk will construct an indoor fish farming environment controlled digitally by the fluctuations of the stock market of industrial fishery corporations internationally. Sleeping in a tent with a camper stove, the artist will live in the exhibition hall and eat only the fish. The project is part of his series of installations elaborating the inter-relationship of consumption, industrial production and ecosystem.

Short Documentary Film about “Whence do you know the happiness of fish?” by Ting Tong Chang. This was our February exhibition. For English subtitles, click the CC in the lower right corner of the video.

Big thank you to Ting Tong Chang, Stefan Hurtig, Norbert Sander, Andreas von Bresinsky, Stiftung Umverteilen, National Cultural Foundation of Taiwan, and Studio 44 apartments.

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photos by dotgain. graphic design by david voss. video by sehen & zeigen

Kunstkraftwerk – Saalfelder Straße 8b 04179 Leipzig


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