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PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 4 – A Series of International Video Performances

Artist Talk with Alex Bodea

Performance Voyage 4 presents video performances by 15 artists and collectives. The compilation was selected from among work submitted in response to an open international call for artists. The theme of self-portrait offers a variety of possibilities for the artists as well as the audience: the compilation challenges the spectator to reflect their own self as well.

Performance Voyage 4 artworks present themes such as identity as an act and as a process, autobiography and everyone`s right to their own story, the artist in a social context, the self in relation to others and otherness.. The proposed videos lacked f.ex. questioning of social gender, which has been presented in self-portraits and performances throughout decades. Has it been processed through art enough already? Do we live in an age of denial and silence? After all, the compilation of proposals contained over 200 video performances from different social contexts. Performance Voyage 4 series indicates that nudity, tapes, scissors, mirrors, clothes and food supplies are still in the core of performance art.

The members of the jury for the Performance Voyage 4 were Taina Erävaara (Degree Programme Manager, Turku University of Applied Sciences), Leena Kela (Regional artist of performance art, Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi) and Timo Soppela (director, Artists’ Association MUU / MUU Gallery).

Artists –

Anastasia Ax & Marja-Leena Sillanpä: SCREAM TO SCREAM (Sweden)
Alex Bodea: nine line poems of alex bodea (Romania/Germany)
Elina Brotherus: Francesca Woodman’s Aunts (Finland)
Cristian Chironi: Sticker (excerpt) (Italy)
Chun Hua Catherine Dong: When I Was Born (China/Canada)
Allison Halter: Salt Lick (USA/Germany)
Constantin Hartenstein: FIT (Germany)
Marja Helander: Trambo (Finland)
Marianne Myungah Kim: Remember everything (Korea/USA)
Verica Kovacevska: The Artist (Macedonia/Switzerland)
Julia Kurek: Message (Poland)
Marika Orenius: Talking about… (Finland)
Benas Šarka: Wall Soul (Lithuania)
Minna Suoniemi: Lullaby (Finland)

Producer – MUU Gallery – Artists’ Association MUU

Click here to download the Press Release pdf – Performance Voyage

Kunstkraftwerk – Saalfelder Straße 8b 04179 Leipzig

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