Founding Curator and Art Director of the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig 2014-2016

The KKW Kunstprogramm, directed by Candace Goodrich, aimed at facilitating open cultural engagement through complementary, parallel programming, in the form of exhibition, symposium, education workshops, and residency exchange. Beginning in the winter of 2014, her international exhibition series redefined aesthetic experience in Leipzig, as she worked in congruence with the industrial architectural environment, evoking new flexible, dynamic possibilities, full of discursive potential. Since the space was essentially a medium unto itself, the exhibition program focused on intervention, both visually and intellectually, revitalizing a critical dialectic which was global in scope, historically relevant, addressing the social and political, avoiding marginalization and rejecting the insular in ideology. This exceptionally permeable atmosphere that is monumental in scale, provided the possibility to enter with one perspective and exit fascinated, curious, and uplifted. The Kunstprogramm under Ms. Goodrich’s leadership, embraced cultural distinctions, exceeded borders, while still participating in Leipzig’s urban conversation.  The program ran for 2 years.

The affirmative mission of Candace Goodrich for the Kunstkraftwerk was to develop a venue in Leipzig that would be immersively involved in its local culture, heritage, and community, while simultaneously acting as a bridge for a wide international cultural dialogue and connection. As a program that demonstrated the instrumental and intrinsic value of arts in society, Goodrich’s approach was to create an innovative, exploratory space for urban regeneration and a breeding ground for new thinking.  Her dedication to forging a greater impact on our society through a shared purpose, with creative resilience rooted in reflective practice, permeated not only the exhibition program, but also her joint partnerships in education with Angela Straube-Bornberg and the residency program, ICSC – Intercity/Switchcity in collaboration with Pogon Zagreb.

This active platform for divurgent theoretical positions, from which new incite and questions pertaining to the arts had the landscape to play and challenge one another, was Goodrich’s final contribution to Leipzig before moving on to Stockholm.

-Art Exhibition Program mission, conceived by Candace Goodrich