Opening September 3rd , 2015 – Closing September 27th , 2015
Artists – Yasmin Alt, Eileen Dreher, Rosemary Hogarth, Cosima Tribukeit
Germany and Scotland

In 1919 Vladimir Tatlin was commissioned to design a monument for the Third International, an organization set up to plan the international socialist revolution. It  was to be an immense structure consisting of three alternatively-tilted, rotating sections mounted in metal spirals. Mass producible glass and aluminium, the modernist materials par excellence, were to be used to signify progress and eradicate the bourgeois infatuation with heavily decorated stone facades on the one hand, and bourgeois ideology on the other. Most significantly this work of art would also serve a utilitarian function. Each part of the monument would be used by the workers to further the socialist cause. It stood for the epitome of heroic utopianism, fervor for industrial progress and, according to Nikolai Punin, an art critic at that time, Tatlin, solved ‘one of our most complex cultural problems’ by creating a sculpture in which ‘utilitarian form appears as a purely creative form’. The four artists involved in this exhibition each touch upon the concerns that were once those of avant-garde constructivism.

Sponsored by Studio 44 Apartments: www.studio44-apartments.com and Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen.

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photos by dotgain. graphic design by david voss.

Kunstkraftwerk – Saalfelder Straße 8b 04179 Leipzig

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