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Artists: Karolina Breguła, Barbara Dévény, Alba D’Urbano, Elke Marhöfer, Nadija Mustapic, Daniela Krajkova, Taus Makhacheva, Sasha Pirker

Curators: Franziska Eißner, Candace Goodrich, Ilina Koralova, Lenka Kukurová, Julia Kurz, Kristina Semenova, Barbara Steiner, Olga Vostretsova

++++ The programme will be presented in the KUB gallery as a satellite of the 7th Festival of Contemporary Photography f/stop +++++

In Zusammenarbeit mit: bükü – Büro für kulturelle Übersetzung e.V.

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Die von Leipziger Kuratorinnen ausgewählten Kurzfilme und Videoarbeiten thematisieren Implikationen, die die migrantische Mobilität vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen Zufluchtsbewegungen in Europa mit sich bringt. Darüber hinaus wird eine Auswahl aus Videoarbeiten der „SHE DEVIL GRAND SELECTION“ getroffen, die mit dem Leipziger Programm in Verbindung stehen wird.

SHE DEVIL was founded in 2006 thanks to an idea of of Stefania Miscetti, and involves artists and curators, both Italian and international, from emerging young talents to highly acclaimed personalities. The various works and different critical perspectives coexist within a discourse of many voices, in which the multiplicity of feminine worlds and visions emerges. It is basically a feminine video screening that involves, for each year, a number of curatorial voices. Each curator selects a video and then, together with the others, builds a unique filmic discourse on gender identity for each edition. SHE DEVIL is the name of a heroine in the Marvel Comics universe, Shanna the She Devil, and title of the famous film from 1989 by Susan Seidelman. In this circumstance it alludes in a playful way to the diabolical and bizarre spirit with which artistic experience investigates day-to-day life. In continuity with the previous editions of the program, the videos represent female viewpoints and place the various fields of video art research in direct contrast to one another. The purpose of the initiative is to stress, at times using irony, at times realism, the collective consciousness on themes such as female identity, the body as repository of representation and meaning, and personal experiences on universal dimensions, even when the very intimacy of the artists is at the forefront of their works.

For the Leipzig edition of the SHE DEVIL project met the curators Kristina Semenova and Olga Vostretsova a selection of eght videos from the GREAT SELECTION that correspond to the topic HOME. Short films and video works selected by curators from Leipzig will thematise the implications of migrant mobility in light of the current refugee movements in Europe.

We cordially invite you to our new exhibition. As usual we will begin with a celebratory champagne reception and look forward to your visit. Cheers!

She Devil. Leipzig’s Edition: HOME
Exhibition opening 25th of June at 8pm
Duration 25 of June – 08 of July 2016
Wed – Sa 4– 8 pm

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