The Artist Apporach: Building Awareness through Collaborative Practice – Lecture and workshop


Lecture by Candace Goodrich in Brela 28.08.14

The Artist Approach:  Building Awareness through Collaborative Practice
Invasive species, climate change, habitat loss, over-exploitation, and pollution.  How can artists and scientists come together to visually communicate man’s impact upon ecosystems?  This lecture presented the works of two Asian artists, Ting Tong Chang (Taiwan) and Youki Hirakawa (Japan), who initiated cross-sector cooperations with biologists and natural historians to develop new tableaus that address the urgency of biodiversity depletion.  Through durational performance, installation, photography, and video, each artist referenced to how urbanization, over-consumption, and industrial production disrupt the fragile balance of our planet.
Candace Goodrich
Art Director – Kunst Kraft Werk
Leipzig, Germany

Link to MAP Brela website

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KKW Art Director Candace Goodrich helped lead a workshop at MAP gallery space, as part of the ‘Science meets arts’ workshop on BIODIVERSITY in collaboration with EVO SOCIETY for Out-of-Frame EDUCATION.

Project Description: This workshop took place in Brela, Croatia, on August 25-31, 2014. It was organized in collaboration with Prof. Ivan Dikic (Goethe University, Frankfurt) and academic sculptor Ivanka Filipovic as a part of Meeting Art Place (MAP) Brela 2014 Residence Program. It aimed at developing open-minded trans-disciplinary approach to public engagement of science among enthusiastic young artists and scientists. In order to achieve this objective, it facilitated a symbiosis by combining artistic and scientific practice through projects where participants experimented with different types of creative expression. Together they came up with a unique improvised performance and exhibition broadly themed around the issue of biodiversity on our planet.  Our hopes were met, as this activity helped to overcome artificial barriers between science and arts, providing inspiration for participants’ current activities, shedding light on difficult global issues in the contemporary society. We also managed to create positive effects on public awareness and the acknowledgement of the need of support for sustainable development policies.

Organizing team: Branko Durdevic, Alexander Kagansky, Martina Mijuskovic, Lucija Silic.


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