Pogon Forum Artist Residency – Lecture and conference participant


Pogon Residency Programme Forum

Art Director Candace Goodrich participated on behalf of the Kunst Kraft Werk, supported by the Goethe Institute Zagreb.

The mission of the Forum:

Forum will explore practices of organising and supporting residency programmes, examining their role as hubs for inter-local and inter-cultural exchange. It will gather cultural professionals and artists from different fields of contemporary art, as well as decision-makers and experts. It will provide an opportunity to discuss and critically reflect on current practices and support models, to learn from each other and to share ideas on how residency programmes can be improved in order to resonate better with current and future cultural and social dynamics. Forum aims to contribute to the development of cultural policies that would provide an adequate support for such programmes in Croatia and other European countries that share similar challenges. Programme of the Forum consists of working sessions, panel discussions, conversations and presentations.

Click this link to go to the full program including conclusions and recommendations to the Ministry of Culture of Croatia.

Candace Goodrich received support from the following to attend this conference:

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