Candace Goodrich synthesizes her knowledge of classical oil painting techniques with methods inspired by the Process Movement of the 1960’s, when works were created through a combination of improvisation, random occurrence, and natural processes, such as evaporation, oxidation, and corrosion, and through the use of non-traditional materials such as epoxy, rust, printmaking inks, and found materials. Her imagery is based in landscape, however a somewhat abstracted interpretation or amalgamation extracted from various sources of reference, including international news reportage on climate change induced extreme weather events, litigation transcripts, and community-driven activist portals. These “devastated landscapes,” as she is prone to call them, are not always specific places or moments in time depicted literally, but are meant to hint at an environmental rupture in a more sentient fashion. Her paintings are highly layered, playing with the drying times of each layer to create cracking and distortion, to distress surfaces by the application of subsequent ones. Her aim while painting is to achieve something broken, by pushing the mediums past their natural limits until they become something else.

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